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SOPs Required for Dispensaries in Delaware

Cannabis SOPs in Delware

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are beneficial for small and large organizations. SOPs enhance communication, capability, effectiveness, and excellence. They also provide a better organizational structure. 

If you’re considering opening a cannabis retail business in Delaware, you would require SOPs to set up the dispensaries. Though SOPs are not mandatory while applying for a license, you require them during the license evaluation process.

Why are cannabis SOPs important in setting up a dispensary in Delaware?

Cannabis SOPs are essential for setting the norms and expectations of the company. Get the benefits of a well-run store with sound practices including repeat business from customers, employee retention, and better sales for your company. 

Documents needed for Delaware cannabis license applications:                                                                                                                                       

  • Meet the requirements of the state:
  1.  Having lived in Delaware for at least three years
  2.  Not having any prior felonies.
  3.  Having liquid assets worth at least $250,000
  4. Having a business plan that details the operations, finances, and security precautions for the proposed dispensary.
  • Register with the Public Health Division: You must register with the Delaware Division of Public Health (DDPH) to make sure you fit the requirements. This is done by filling out an application and paying a non-refundable $5,000 fee
  • Send Your Application in: You must fill out an application that contains details about your company and its operations. Submit a copy of your company strategy and financial documents demonstrating that you have at least $250,000 in liquid assets
  • Wait for Approval: You will need to wait while the Division of Public Health reviews your application after filling. They will contact you for more information if they have any queries or concerns. The regulatory body will issue permission to run your dispensary upon accepting your application
  • Obtain Additional Licenses and Permits: You will also require other licenses and permits, such as a business license, tax registration, and zoning approval, in addition to the dispensary permit
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, for dispensaries, are a collection of guidelines that outline the actions to take to operate one. Here are a few illustrations of helpful dispensary SOPs in Delaware 

SOPs needed for Delaware dispensary:

Employee Dress Code: Maintaining a professional look for employees requires a dress code policy. Specify the attire that is allowed and what is not allowed in the policy.

Managing inventory: This SOP should include instructions about how to order, receive, and store merchandise. You should also include information on the tracking system and frequency of inventory counts.

Managing cash: This SOP should include instructions on how you gather currency, tabulate, and store it. It should also include instructions on how to handle cash discrepancies and make deposits.

Customer service: This SOP needs to specify the desired standard of customer service as well as how to resolve concerns or complaints. Protocols for protecting consumer confidentiality and privacy should also be included.

Security: The security mechanisms in place at the dispensary, including video monitoring, access control, and alarm systems, should be described in this SOP. It should also include a description of how to handle security events.

Product Dispensing: This SOP should describe how to dispense products, including how to label them, how much is sold at once, and how to identify clients.

Product Returns: This SOP should provide instructions on handling damaged or defective products when returning items and granting refunds.

Sanitation: This SOP needs to specify how to keep a clean and hygienic environment, including how frequently to clean surfaces and how to handle items.

Compliance: This SOP should outline the steps used to ensure that local and state regulations are being followed, including how to keep records and respond to compliance audits.

Training and Development: This SOP should include instructions on how to train new hires and offer ongoing opportunities for existing staff to grow professionally.

These are but a few examples of dispensary SOPs but the actual SOPs required will depend on the operations of the clinic and applicable regulations.

What can Forte SOPs do for you?

Forte has all the SOPs you need to help you obtain a Delaware medical dispensary or retail cannabis license. The SOPs have been created and approved by our team of cannabis retail specialists. Our service provides a platform to store, keep, and share your SOPs and other tools and forms.

We can also create customized SOPs for you. Reach out to us for all the SOPs you will require to obtain your license and manage your business successfully, making it simple for you to apply and establish your cannabis business.  

Call us to schedule a free demo.

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