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This depends on a lot of different factors like your location, square footage, fixtures, and technology. We have designed and built stores for as low as $70,000. A more upscale dispensary in a prime location can cost upwards of $1 million.

For new dispensary owners and applicants, Strategists can provide you with useful advice and guidance, help you fill out your applications and materials, and connect you to other vendors. They’ll help you avoid the costly mistakes that all first-time owners make, since they’ve already been through the process many times before. They can be expensive though, especially if they have experience and actually know their stuff. 

Compared to open-ended consulting engagements, our Bootcamp and Train + Launch services are designed to be more structured and cost-effective for post-licensing support and guidance. With some consultants, you can have a lot of discussions and planning sessions that end up going nowhere and eat up a lot of time and money. 

The best time for us to jump in would be once you have received your license and are locking down a location. We prefer to begin our engagements before you start designing and building out your dispensary. 

Our teams are based out of Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, though we serve all the US and Canada. 

Yes, with our Train + Launch services for team training and launch-day support. Our Bootcamp is performed online in most cases. In some cases, we offer general in-person consulting for an additional fee. 

Not as part of our service offerings, however hiring guidance is part of our Bootcamp, where we walk you through all things regarding Planning, Recruitment, Interviewing, Selecting, Remunerating and Onboarding steps. 

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