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New Store Opening Accelerator Program

cannabis dispensary consulting

Opening a new cannabis dispensary can be a complex, daunting and time consuming task. As a partner, Forte is providing a New Store Opening Accelerator Program that aims to develop launch a scalable solution while expediting and facilitating the opening of our client’s first retail footprint. We will work collaboratively to establish a foundation for the store concept and brand that can support in achieving operational excellence, compliance and propel further growth and expansion.

Through our Accelerator Program, licensees will save both time and money so you can focus on building your brand and delivering memorable staff and customer experiences.

cannabis hipaa consulting


The process of selecting appropriate vendors can be a complex task. We connect you to the most suitable partners while ensuring that their products and services align with your business’s vision, requirements and budget. This includes fields such as technology, marketing, operations, security and workforce management.


What’s the customer journey for your store? Decide on key points in the journey, including the outside of the store, entrance and exit, ID check, sales floor, and point of sale stations. Consider neighborhood-specific factors. End goal = build a strong community base of loyal customers.


Forte will help you place the right people in the right roles at the right price. Our planning will also help you anticipate fluctuations in customer demand and avoid unnecessary labor costs. Includes a staffing plan, leadership hiring, onboarding program development, and performance reviews.

cannabis dispensary training


Two-day in-person training session for your entire team, ensuring all employees have a strong baseline of cannabis knowledge, and can offer helpful product guidance and recommendations. Training will incorporate Forte SOPs so that the process is properly-documented and repeatable over time.

cannabis dispensary project management


Forte will work with your team and your vendors to make sure your store opens up on time and within your budget. Includes people management, schedule management, compliance assurance, vendor and material delivery management, final inspection report, and weekly all-hands meetings.

cannabis store launch


A comprehensive plan for the final stages of store opening to ensure a seamless and efficient transition of the store to the Store Manager and a smooth first day of business. Outlines key tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines leading up to the opening day, including setting up the back of house (BOH).

Features Plans








Customized Branding

Email Support

User Management

Phone Support

Local Updates

Account representative


Scheduled Checkins



Project Timeline

  • Financial Projections, Customer Journey, and Store Flow
  • Store Experience Review and Space Considerations
  • People Planning
  • Standard Operating Procedures Planning
  • Back of House and Inventory Planning
  • Development of Product Plan (Cannabis and Accessories)
  • Delivery of Product Plan
  • Back of House and Inventory Planning
  • Product + Accessory Purchase
  • 5 Day Turnover Schedule
  • People Planning
  • In-Person Training
  • Soft and Hard Launch

Let's Get Going

Make opening your first dispensary quicker and easier than you’d ever think.

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