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Cannabis Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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Get all the SOPs you need to get your dispensary licensed, launched, compliant, and running at a profit. Receive access to our complete library of SOPs for every state and province in the US and Canada. Includes customization for your business. Written and reviewed by cannabis retail experts.

Need a refresh on what SOPs are and why dispensaries need them? Read our blog here.

Key SOP Categories


Health & Safety

storage & organization​ for sops


storage & organization​ for sops


sops consulting

Point of Sale



sops consulting


sops consulting




storage & organization​ for sops


Why Forte SOPs?

We have SOPs for all states and provinces in the US and Canada, compliant with all local regulations and conditions.

Customization is included with our SOPs. We can customize our SOPs and draft new ones for you based on your unique business requirements and preferences.

Our SOPs come with a secure, private, custom-branded, web-based portal for you to store, edit, manage, and share all your SOPs. Take a tour.

All of our SOPs are written and reviewed by cannabis retail experts with years of real-world, ground-level experience in the industry. Meet them now.

As regulations change, we’ll update your SOPs accordingly (as well as alert you to any alterations or additions). We’re always adding new features to our platform, too.

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