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Forte’s Brytany Melville on the Cultivated Live Podcast at MJBizCon 2023

Forte's Brytany Melville on Cultivated Live at MJBizCon 2023

Forte Cannabis Retail Strategist Brytany Melville recently appeared on a special edition of Jay Rosenthal’s Cultivated Live podcast, hosted at the world-famous Planet 13 dispensary in Las Vegas during MJBizCon 2023. Brytany talked about her unique background in cannabis retail, what Forte does, and the overall cannabis retail landscape. We’ve given a rundown of the talk below. You can watch the full interview here. 

What Is Forte Ops? 

Forte Operations stands as a dynamic team of retail strategists with over 5.5 years of hands-on experience in opening and operating dispensaries across North America. Brytany Melville shed light on the crucial role Forte plays, particularly for new licensees and those at the early stages of dispensary ownership. The challenges faced by newcomers, including decision-making, financial considerations, and partner vetting, find solutions in Forte’s accelerated bootcamp.  

Forte offers personalized consulting, covering aspects from customer journey and product planning to marketing, compliance, custom SOPs, and team training. Forte’s goal is clear: set operators up for success and establish repeatable business models for long-term viability. 

Brytany Melville’s Journey Before Forte 

Before leading Forte Operations, Brytany Melville’s background includesd living in Indonesia, where she started a business in her early twenties. Her journey led her to the forefront of the cannabis industry in Canada, where she opened the very first cannabis store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Witnessing the disparities between big-box shops and independent retailers, Brytany founded her consulting agency to support independent retailers. Her experience includes opening the largest store in Canada and assisting in launching Drake and 40’s store. Recently, she has been dedicated to supporting U.S. independent retailers in getting to market successfully. 

How Is Forte’s Bootcamp Helpful for Dispensary Owners? 

Forte’s bootcamp is tailored to the individual’s stage in the process. From licensing and lease signing to customer journey, store planning, and partner vetting, Forte’s guidance ensures that operators are strategically positioned for success. The emphasis is on avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring a strong foundation for long-term viability. 

What Challenges Are Faced by New Operators, Especially on Day 1? 

On Day 1, new dispensary owners face big challenges, especially with inadequate network setups. Brytany Melville points out that these issues get worse during busy hours, causing technical problems. Relying only on Bluetooth for connecting devices together without a backup plan is risky. If the cash system goes down during a rush, it could mean losing a lot of money. 

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