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Cannabis SOP Requirements For Mississippi

Cannabis SOP Requirements For Mississippi

Establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is beneficial for every business – both small and large. SOPs improve communication, workload efficiency, and quality control while also providing better business structure and proper administration. SOPs for the cannabis industry are essential for establishing the standards and objectives for the business. 

Many states, including Mississippi, mandate that you submit SOPs along with your license application.

In Mississippi, the authorities don’t usually ask for the submission of SOPs during the license application but require them during the evaluation process.

Required Documents for Mississippi Cannabis Applications

  • Proof of residency/Background verification/Criminal history
  • Organizational documentation
  • Site Map
  • Local approval
  • Financial Documentation
  • Business Plan/Management Profile/Operating Plan
  • Compliance Plan/Security Plan
  • Prior business experience (if any)
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • A plan for employment practices that includes hiring and educating minorities, women, veterans, and people with disabilities as well as promoting fair labor practices and protecting employees.

Standard Operating Procedures Needed for Mississippi Dispensary Application

  • Inventory Management Plan
  • Operating Plan
  • Staffing and Training Plan
  • Customer Education Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Delivery Plan
  • Age Verification Plan
  • Record Keeping Plan
  • Recall/Withdrawal/Waste Management Plan
  • Employment Plan

Retail SOPs

Opening & Closing Procedures

These will consist of best practices for opening and closing a cannabis dispensary/store. Procedures may include do’s and don’ts while opening and entering the premises, as well as general housekeeping, closing POS systems and registers, generating compliance and sales reports, and much more.

Customer Management

Check-in SOPs are strictly adhered to because improper check-in is one of the main causes of penalties for cannabis retailers.

The procedure may include verifying the age, validity, and expiration of ID cards, guiding them to wait if there is a queue, and finally letting them enter the sales floor.

Sales Transaction Process

SOPs for transacting may not be only about a cashier, it will include multiple employees such as the employee who is welcoming the customers into the store, or an order fulfillment staff. Alternately, smaller businesses might combine all customer service activities into one.

Delivery Process

If deliveries are permitted where you live, there will likely be additional paperwork and security precautions. Furthermore, your SOPs will include the technology you employ much as in-store sales transactions do. Online ordering and delivery of cannabis go hand in hand. In addition, the majority of jurisdictions restrict payments at the doorstep. So online payment process must be included in this SOP.

Security / Cash Management Process

Regulations, which are likely to specify how long security camera recordings must be stored, reporting security breaches and product diversions, which employees are allowed in restricted areas, hours for armored car services to deliver products, and how cash is stored, will closely mirror security SOPs.

Product Recalls / Emergencies

SOPs are particularly helpful for occasional tasks like product recalls, where a response is needed immediately.

When a product is recalled, an SOP will specify how to notify customers of the adulterated product, how to collect the products, and issue a refund. The SOP will also detail how to engage with the manufacturer, and the procedures to follow when dealing with regulators and citations.

Track-and-Trace / Inventory Management

Track-and-trace SOPs should be in line with a database that contains details about the product, including its weight, potency, brand, history, and current location. This will make it easy for the store to manage the inventory. Such details must be included in SOPs making it easier for the staff to track and trace the products and manage the inventory efficiently.

How Forte SOPs Can Help

We have all the SOPs that can assist you to get a medical dispensary or cannabis retail store license in Mississippi. Our team of cannabis retail experts has written and reviewed the SOPs. Together with other incredibly helpful tools and forms, our service also offers a platform to store, maintain, and share your SOPs.

Forte can also write custom SOPs for you as needed. We have all the SOPs you will need to acquire your license as well as run your business smoothly, making it easy for you to apply for a license and build your cannabis business successfully. Reach out for a free demo today.

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